Welcome to Firefly Pages, a collection of writing related to northern tradition spirit-work and shamanism. This website focuses on sacred plants and their spirits, and is offered as a resource to those individuals who have been lead to this work; I focus on terms and ideas unique to the tradition of pre-Christian Scandinavia but people working in other traditions will likely find these pages helpful as well. Here you will find information about entheogenic plant spirits, suggestions about building a working relationship with them, and information on the greater world of plant spirits in general; there is also a small selection of writing dedicated to exploring transgender spirituality and other subjects.

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Entheogenic Plant Spirits and the Spirit Worker: Essays detailing the process of getting to know the spirits of entheogenic plants, and how to work with them.

Plants and their Spirits: Profiles of specific plants; also, a look at the greater world of plant spirits.

The Path of Sacred Plants: Making sacred plants part of an active spirit-work practice.

Other Writing: Writing focused on transgender spirituality, and more.


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